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The Tale of Ganondorf Hero of time
We all know the story of Link, The Hero of Time, and how he defeats the evil Ganondorf, however, this is not that story. This is the story about a young man who is the only male, the king of the Gerudo Thieves. In every story there is a hero and a villain, and this story, is not any different. This is the story of Ganondorf, and his not so evil uprising.
It was a night, unlike any other, our hero lay in bed, tossing and turning, restless. He dreamed of the young princess and the Sheikah woman, the one who always protected her. They were on horseback, escaping from the castle walls. He was chasing them, on his own horse. They looked so scared. Ganondorf shot forward, holding his chest, panting in fear. This wasn’t him, that was not who he was. He leveled his breathing, and managed to calm himself. He knew that if he succumbed to the fear, it would weaken his will, he would become the villain he feared he one day may become.
He lay back down against his bed and closed his eyes, he
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A Tale Of Two Stans :iconthewaylifeshouldbe:TheWayLifeShouldBe 19 3 .:Pen and Ink:. Panda :iconthewaylifeshouldbe:TheWayLifeShouldBe 5 3 .:Homework 2:. Animal Object :iconthewaylifeshouldbe:TheWayLifeShouldBe 8 3 .:Pen and Ink:. Wavy Lines Hair Curl :iconthewaylifeshouldbe:TheWayLifeShouldBe 3 0 .:Pen and ink:. Parallel Lines Lily :iconthewaylifeshouldbe:TheWayLifeShouldBe 3 0 .:Homework 1:. The Last Mabelcorn :iconthewaylifeshouldbe:TheWayLifeShouldBe 8 3 .:Pen and ink:. Stippling Rose :iconthewaylifeshouldbe:TheWayLifeShouldBe 5 5 .:Pen and Ink:. Mushrooms :iconthewaylifeshouldbe:TheWayLifeShouldBe 3 0 .:Shading Project:. Teapot and Cup :iconthewaylifeshouldbe:TheWayLifeShouldBe 1 0 Bicycle Negative Space Drawing :iconthewaylifeshouldbe:TheWayLifeShouldBe 2 9
Math Problems .:Request:.
Mabel Northwest and her twin sister Pacifica had both had a crush on the same boy since elementary school, and the boy moved to Piedmont California with his great uncle Stanford. The kid was a super genius, he was taking all of the advanced placement, accelerated, and double accelerated classes. His name was Dipper Pines, and he was an only child. Since this kid had shown up it was an immediate attraction to Mabel, and she immediately befriended him. Pacifica wasn’t apt to do that and instead, decided to pick on the new comer for his strange Big Dipper birthmark on his forehead.
Skip ahead to their high school years and Mabel and Dipper are still friends, and she’s still crushing on him hard.  Pacifica, still crushing on the boy, but now she picks on him even more than before. And now that Mabel genuinely didn’t know her Math homework she didn’t know what to do. Mabel sat at her desk in her bedroom with her phone beside her as she looked over her math homew
:iconthewaylifeshouldbe:TheWayLifeShouldBe 3 0
:icondomofavplz3::icondomofavplz4::iconfaveplz:Thanks for the :+fav: You cool little chick~
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Just some random favourites from random people all over the dA community some people are soooo creative in life <3


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Well, here we are, I started drawing realism, and yes, these are difficult. I spent four hours on the knife, and 22.5 hours on Sam and Dean. So they take me a long time to do. So that's why they're so freaking expensive. No I will not do a request unless you're my best friend on here so don't ask, if you like my art you're payin'
Song Fics
So, here we have it, My Song Fic Collection. As of right now, they're free! so request Request Request!!
Photo/Video/media Inspired
This is what i like to Call my photo or video inspired Fanfictions. stop running is soon going to be fanfiction and is in the writing process. if you send me a commission and have no idea for a plot but find a picture or video I'll get inspired almost instantly that's a fact. all you have to do is send me the video link, or send me the picture link. Anything! The base Price is thirty :points: and with it you get A prologue three chapters and an epilogue!


So I have facebook guys. You can add me if you'd like. Or follow me on dat insta Dreamcast_cosplay and my twitter is @Moetomatoes Hmu 
209 Followers I'm letting down by being VERY inactive. heh ^^; gomen 
Belarus Cosplay is in the works and Yurio Cosplay is done. Maybe I'll post pictures I don't know lol What do you think???
Please stop favouriting my Ciel x reader fanfic. it is literally awful. I mean.... LITERALLY TERRIBLE
Life got very hella complicated recently... I literally hate myself.


Alex Phillips
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature

18+ Fanfiction account: Avvio-In-Cima-18
I'm probably going to keep this short I guess, any way; my name is Alex,I'm Gender-Fluid/Non Binary and I'm originally from a small town called Woodstock, in New Brunswick, Canada. Born and raised for my whole life. I currently have a few deviantART accounts; this one, as well as RomanTomatoesCosplay One is my cosplay profile, and then this one is my random, okay whatever thing XD Anyway, I come from a rather small family of four children, including myself. Like any other Eighteen-year-old Otaku I love reading, writing, drawing and watching anime obviously.I like makeup, but only for cosplay things. I play video games and am a single pringle
You can call me Lex, Al, or Chickadee and I do a lot of writing for the cosplay group VandettACosplay I write a lot of hetalia fanfictions, but I can write anything from Black Butler, Ouran Highschool, as well as Puella madoka magica! I cosplay as Fem!Ciel, Wendy Corduroy, and maybe Kim Possible.
Wanna bitch me out for something I did? or want to hate on me for being a 'depressive, rebellious teenager'. Want to judge me for the content in which I write about. Just remember there has been so much bullshit that's gone on in my life. Want my story? After you read it, if you think you can judge me still. Fine. don't do it to my face. I have a brigade who would back me up. They have people who would back them up. So just stop.
Want my story: thewaylifeshouldbe.deviantart.… just remember this isn't all of it.

AmeBel is my Hetalia OTP by ChokorettoMilku Pinecest Stamp Rant by LightLavendarCrystal
Hey guys! I'm sorry for my inactivity; i started working full time and man its eatin' me alive! I have a question! How many of y'all do commissions? If you do Drop the prices of stuff. I want to commission some stuffs~
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I just wanted you to know that I love all of you
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