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Just some random favourites from random people all over the dA community some people are soooo creative in life <3



The Winchesters by TheWayLifeShouldBe
Still Life Knife by TheWayLifeShouldBe
Green Pepper Project by TheWayLifeShouldBe
Well, here we are, I started drawing realism, and yes, these are difficult. I spent four hours on the knife, and 22.5 hours on Sam and Dean. So they take me a long time to do. So that's why they're so freaking expensive. No I will not do a request unless you're my best friend on here so don't ask, if you like my art you're payin'
Song Fics
So, here we have it, My Song Fic Collection. As of right now, they're free! so request Request Request!!
Photo/Video/media Inspired
Take This To Remember Me Cover by TheWayLifeShouldBe
Uninstall: America's Past VandettA .:Cover:. by TheWayLifeShouldBe
This is what i like to Call my photo or video inspired Fanfictions. stop running is soon going to be fanfiction and is in the writing process. if you send me a commission and have no idea for a plot but find a picture or video I'll get inspired almost instantly that's a fact. all you have to do is send me the video link, or send me the picture link. Anything! The base Price is thirty :points: and with it you get A prologue three chapters and an epilogue!


Alex Phillips
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
18+ Fanfiction account: Avvio-In-Cima-18
I'm probably going to keep this short I guess, any way; my name is Adrianne, I'm originally from Woodstock New Brunswick, Canada. Born and raised for my whole life. I currently have a few deviantART accounts; this one, as well as RomanTomatoesCosplay One is my cosplay profile, and then this one is my random, okay whatever thing XD Anyway, I come from a rather small family of four children, including myself. Like any other 16 year old Otaku I love reading, writing, drawing and watching anime!!!!! I'm your normal Girly girl, Who loves makeup and her Home away from home! I have a lot of places like that!
You can call me Addy, or Chickadee and I do a lot of writing for the cosplay group VandettACosplay I write a lot of hetalia fanfictions, but I can write anything from Black Butler, Ouran Highschool, as well as Puella madoka magica! I cosplay as Fem!Ciel, Wendy Corduroy, and maybe Kim Possible.
Wanna bitch me out for something I did? or want to hate on me for being a 'depressive, rebellious teenager'. Want to judge me for the content in which I write about. Just remember there has been so much bullshit that's gone on in my life. Want my story? After you read it, if you think you can judge me still. Fine. don't do it to my face. I have a brigade who would back me up. They have people who would back them up. So just stop.
Want my story: thewaylifeshouldbe.deviantart.… just remember this isn't all of it.

RQ: Chiara x Matt Stamp by ShadowHachia AmeBel is my Hetalia OTP by ChokorettoMilku Gravity Falls by Re-tho Pinecest Stamp Rant by LightLavendarCrystal
So remember that thing that I posted at like the end of last year?
Bound by a Curse .:Original Novel:.They didn’t awake in their bed, they weren’t even in their house, Robyn was attached to something to help her breathe, and the only reason that happened was because they didn’t want to kill the only female that they’d captured. That being the only reason, Robyn was the first of the siblings to endure the pain. Edward had woken as the branding iron was placed in the fire, to heat it.
He watched in horror as the iron was lifted from the flames and pressed harshly onto the right side of Robyn's back. The sizzling of Robyn's melting flesh and the smell were two things that Edward would never forget. Robyn was weak, even without having breathed in all that smoke. The time seemed to slow, soon, coming to a jolting stop, the room was full of tortured, gurgled screams. The young blonde sat there, screaming for mercy begging to be saved, help from a non-existent God. No one could help her, Edward was powerless, and there was nothing he could do.
"Robyn!" Edward's voice w
Well I started working on it again. I'm actually about half done and I know how this one is going to end, I'm actually working on it now. Well; I've found a few beta readers and they really like the idea. So I'm very quite pleased. 

its been a long time coming but I think I'll have it done by Christmas. I just signed up to find the right agent for me. My heart is actually racing a mile a minute. I cannot believe this is happening guys. 
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Hey everyone! So I start University in less than a month and oh my god am I nervous!!! TT-TT but I'm really excited because i'm just starting to get used to the city, and I finally have my apartment. I'm the only one here right now so I'm kind of lonely. but anyway. If anyone wants to hit me up, I'm getting my laptop fixed tonight, so I'll be on all the time. Or as much as I can Love you guys~

Chickadee out~
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So, its almost the summer, which means work, and fanfics and finally getting some free time
but it also means that your favorite deviant (lol jk) is moving on up in the world. In about three weeks from Tuesday I will be graduating from high school 
Now before you all start congratulating me, don't... the last few months have been really really difficult and I have been incredibly depressed and inactive on just about anything. After my breakup with Michael (yeah the day before our nine month anniversary on May 17) life kind of went down the shitter.
people started harassing me and the bullying got so bad I nearly started cutting again. I didn't though so I'm really proud of myself.
But after the 23rd (my graduation day) I think i'm going to go to the psych ward for a few weeks to kind of like... i don't know get my life back in order. So, I'll be writing a lot and spending a lot of time away from electronics this summer
This is going to be my last journal for a while. Much love
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